The electronic keyboard creates sound electronically, and can imitate the other keyboard instruments as well as produce many other sounds.

Year groups: Years 1 – 6

classical guitar  

The classical guitar is played with the fingers plucking the strings and is usually used for playing solo repertoire. This is the instrument that most young beginners start on because the nylon strings are kinder to the left hand fingers.

Players at primary school usually begin on the classical guitar and learn the proper techniques for playing solo guitar and reading music. Players at secondary school pursue grades or musical medals for classical guitar, or grades for electric guitar.

Year groups: Years 1 – 6


The violin is one of the most popular instruments, and comes in small sizes for almost any age of beginner.

Year groups: Years 1 – 6


The clarinet is a very versatile, single reed instrument made out of wood. A reed is a thin strip of material placed on the mouthpiece that vibrates to make sound.

Year groups: Years 1 – 6


The flute is one of the most popular instruments and can play very high notes, producing sound by blowing across the hole in the mouth-piece.

Year groups: Years 1 – 6