Can I hire an instrument for my child’s lessons?

We can hire the majority of instruments that we teach to students, and this often proves to be a more affordable way of pursuing music, particularly for beginners.

Apply here for our Instrument Hire.

Should I purchase or hire an instrument?

It is often recommended, particularly with more expensive instruments, that students begin on a hired instrument just in case what they’ve chosen to study doesn’t sustain their interest.

With certain instruments, such as the violin, it is also a good idea to hire if they begin when they are young as they may start on a smaller sized instrument but quickly outgrow it.

How do I hire an instrument?

Simply fill out our instrument hire form online. More details can be found here.

Do I have to pick up the instrument myself?

As you are the person hiring the instrument it is your responsibility to arrange to pick it up and return it at the end of the hiring agreement.


All hired instruments are picked up and returned to your school office.


Our hired instrument has been lost/damaged – what do I do?

Contact us as soon as the damage/loss has been noticed and we will be able to advise you. On collection of your instrument you should be given the terms and conditions of hire which will also specify the replacement value of the instrument you are hiring.